Vermont Council for Gifted Education
encouraging talent development for every learner
while advocating for the understanding and support of unique academic,
social and emotional needs of high ability, high potential and twice exceptional individuals

It's a new Year at VCGEand we are working hard to learn about,
find and create new connections for gifted kids and families in Vermont

We are actively working in all of these areas because we believe that CONNECTION + COURAGE = CHANGE.

   Create new conversations within the state of Vermont about encouraging talent development opportunities for all learners, including high ability, high potential and twice exceptional learners.

   Increase awareness of gifted issues to early childhood care providers and education professionals.

   Build collaborative relationships with organizations across the state to recognize and increase educational environments and opportunities that support talent development for all learners, including gifted and talented learners.

   Work collaboratively to affect and utilize policy being designed and implemented in the state of VT, such as dual enrollment, personalized learning plans, proficiency based graduation requirements and homeschooling, toward the benefit of high ability, high potential and twice exceptional learners.

Create learning opportunities and support for gifted students, parents and teachers.

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